Who Do We Service

The Businesses & People Who Call 365 Property Services For Emergency, Short & Long Term Building and Property Maintenance Services

Property Managers, Sales Reps, Body Corporate, Commercial Restaurants, Resorts, Holiday Accommodations, Who Don’t Need The Worry & Hassle

Property managers, commercial restaurants & body corporates understand the value of keeping their complex in pristine condition, free of graffiti and grime.

While there are some minor projects they can do themselves, they also realize that at times they need experts.

365 Property Services has helped many body corporates and property managers remove graffiti after they have tried to remove the graffiti themselves first only to find out they made the problem worse. Of course, this ends up costing them much more to fix.

Graffiti removal is just a fraction of the building and property services we provide.

Our team are highly qualified and experienced in maintaining your community areas, complex grounds and surroundings, car park interior and exterior and much more.

Phone 1300 143 800 to discuss how we can help you get your property maintenance problem solved quickly using a 365 Property Services professional who lives close by or fill in the form for a free information guide

Homeowners With An Emergency Situation, Who Are Thinking Of Selling, Or Who Want To Add Value To Their Home

When it comes to home property maintenance, 365 Property Services is the service many homeowners call.

Over the years we’ve helped homeowners reseal their driveways, repair and wash down their roof or whole house using high pressure and steam cleaning, added timber decks and delivered complete, qualified handyman services.

Some of these people are preparing to sell their home, others just wanted to improve their home presentation and others call us when they have an unexpected emergency such as a blocked toilet.

Councils, Schools & Governments Who Want Problem Free Solutions

Over the years 365 Property Services has been called upon by private and public schools, councils and government services on a contract and on a “one off” basis to remove graffiti from billboards, highway signs, bus shelters, train stations and train carriages and parks.

This can involve anything from high pressure steam cleaning a public footpath to applying anti graffiti coating or removing graffiti, as well as other services we provide in property and building maintenance.

Retail Stores, Childcare & Retirement Communities Who Need Experience, Expertise And Commitment

If you own or manage a childcare center, retirement community or village or a clothing or retail store such as a computer or phone store, 365 Property Services exterior property maintenance and building services are perfect for you.

Whether you have a “one off” property maintenance emergency in the dead of night, are after a monthly property maintenance service or want a longer-term building and property maintenance service, we’re here to help you so you can focus on what you do best.

Phone 1300 143 800 to discuss how we can help you get your property maintenance problem solved quickly using a 365 Property Services professional who lives close by or fill in the form for a free information guide

Shopping & Medical Centres Who Need Quality Without Compromise

365 Property Services has an impressive record of supplying property maintenance service and maintaining the interior and exterior of shopping and medical centres.

This includes property maintenance and cleaning services from floor polishing to car park line marking, graffiti removal, steam cleaning, concrete sealing and other building maintenance services.

Customer Focused Hotels, Golf Clubs & Motels Who Want Effortless, Reliable Service

With so much competition and people coming and going at hotels, golf and tennis clubs and motels, customers coming in will make up their mind about your club in seconds.

The last thing you need is a piece of gum stuck in the carpet or on the tile of your foyer’s floor, loose handrails on the steps or toilet doors in the cubicles that do not close.

Our property maintenance service professionals can handle a multitude of indoor and outdoor maintenance duties so your club or hotel is always looking the best it can be!

Factories and Industrial Services Seeking Cleaner & Safer Working Conditions and Reduced Wear & Tear

Apart from creating a cleaner and safer working environment for factory employees, factories and industrial services use 365 Property Services to reduce wear and tear on their machinery.

This is achieved in any number of ways, from steam cleaning machinery, tanks and floors to line marking and directional signing inside and outside the factory.

Builders, Developers and Shop Fitters who want Stress Free Construction Site Clean Up Services

Builders, property developers and shop fitters use our construction site clean up services for stress-free construction site clean ups.

Each 365 Property Services construction clean up service package is customised to suit you and can include everything from removing the labels on cabinets, mirrors, window frames to the polishing of chromed handrails washing the interior and exterior of high rise windows and everything in between.

Of course the greatest benefit our customers value is that 365 Property Services provides them with a complete service and peace of mind, as every one of our networks are insured and can provide a multitude of indoor and outdoor property maintenance services to them.

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