Rock Solid Guarantee

“Our Rock Solid Guarantee To You!”

We want you to go over our work with a fine toothcomb, take note of all the great things you see. Smile and feel great as you look over the quality work we have completed.

And if, in the unlikely event at anytime you are disappointed in anyway with your investment, if you can’t see the quality in the way we have improved your property and solved your problems. Let us know and we will work with you to get the result you desire and provide you with an additional $1000 of free services or we will gladly refund every cent of your investment and you will never here from us again! This is the fairest way to show you how confident we are in our workmanship.

However judging by the feed back we have received from our clients, I’m confident you will want to use us again and again and wouldn’t want anybody else doing your work for you let alone never hear from us again!

Also, for us to achieve our mission of providing exceptional and outstanding value we also put together six, yes six, further guarantees to ensure your upmost satisfaction!

1. We guarantee to be fully insured and transparent
-365 property services is covered by $20,000,000 public liability and work cover insurance, you want to a copy of our insurance…no problem

2. We guarantee to be on time…..everytime
-We will be onsite within 10 minutes of when we said or we pay the GST on your job

3. We guarantee safety
-Staff are highly trained in our OH&S procedures keeping you, your family, property and them safe and efficient

4. We guarantee no hidden costs
-Whatever we quote you is the final price it will not increase unless YOU decide to add additional services. No if’s and’s or but’s

5. Provide outstanding value
-We will always find away to provide outstanding value by doing the little one percent jobs that no one else is will to do!

6. Job will be completed when you want it
-We provide you with a professionally written quote based on your EXACT project specifications. That you pre-approve and hold us accountable to… insuring your project is delivered on budget and on time!

If you can’t think of any more reasons not to use us – Go ahead and call us on 1300 143 800.

Now if you can think of a new reason that makes you feel uncomfortable to use our services, and feel we haven’t accurately covered this concern – email us on and tell us about it. And we will reward you by giving you a $300 pressure cleaning service for free because you’ll be helping us refine our Risk Reversal guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee