Reasons To Use

Why Choose 365 Property Services?

There are many reasons why people call 365 Property Services for residential, commercial and industrial property maintenance and each is totally unique.

Some people call us because they like the fact that they get fast personal service. Others use us because they like the fact that the building and property maintenance professional that calls out lives close by and has a vested interest in them and the community.

Then we have people in retail business like Jane who says, “I like using 365 Property Services because I know the property maintenance person (Bill) who comes out is insured, trained and qualified and knows what he is doing.”

Some of the other benefits people appreciate about using 365 Property Services building and property maintenance services are:

We guarantee our service to you with our “Done Right Or It’s Done Again For FREE” Guarantee, which many other property maintenance services don’t provide.

We are happy to call out free of charge and advise you what needs to be done and how, supply a fixed price and as let you know how long it will take to carry out the work.

Another benefit is that every single property maintenance professional we have is conscious about being environmentally friendly and has a high respect for the safety and protection of you, your staff and property at all times.

Part of that culture, process and service is ensuring that we turn up on time, do the work and clean up after ourselves so our service and presence has as little impact and inconvenience to you as possible.

Phone 1300 143 800 to discuss how we can help you get your property maintenance problem solved quickly using a 365 Property Services professional who lives close by or fill in the form for a free information guide